About us

Barry Smith Cars is a small, family restoration business, specialising in the restoration, part or full, of vintage and classic vehicles

Barry’s clients come to him through various routes – recommendation of a previously happy customer, a chance sighting of one of his cars at a rally, prompting someone whose car requires work, to enquire as to where it was restored, recommendation of other members of the restoration industry or by one of the many classic, vintage and historic vehicle clubs that exist in the United Kingdom

Barry has been an enthusiast of Vintage and Classic cars since childhood.  His passion became his profession.  Years of hard work, meticulous research and perfection of various skills has enabled him to carry out full and part restorations for many happy clients over the years.  His clientele vary greatly, their home locations as diverse and distant as their reasons for having their vehicle restored.  But one thing they all have in common is the desire to have their ‘baby’ brought back to its former beauty.  The photographs shown here will enable you to view and follow a handful of the cars that Barry has restored.  Among the clubs whose members come to Barry for work on their cars is The Ford Model ‘A’ Club of Great Britain; three fine examples of which can be seen in this selection.  Too many fine automobiles have been placed in the hands of self-styled experts, whose inspiration is the pound and knowledge very sparse.  You will see the Model A Ford belonging to our Austrian Client, which had been left with a Suffolk restorers to undergo ‘some’ restoration work.  He completely dismantled the car, charging handsomely for the privilege and had no idea what to do next.  You can see what Barry did with it after it was brought to him!

The burgundy and cream Ford V8 Pilot is a fine illustration of a ‘heap’ being transformed into a beautiful automobile, with time, dedication and skill.

Without exception, all of our previous clients are happy to chat to prospective clients about their vehicles and the work Barry did on them. Although we are dealing with cars of yesteryear, thankfully we have the technology of today to enable us to regularly email updates and photographic records to our clients, who are unable to visit us due to time or distance – especially helpful for our overseas clients

Barry loves what he does.  He is not governed by the pound or the clock, but by a desire to bring these vehicles back to full restoration and give their happy owners many hours of enjoyment and pleasure when they are back on the road

We hope you enjoy browsing our site.  If you require any advice or information about a restoration project, take the opportunity to talk to Barry – contact him by telephone or email us to discuss your special project


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